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Car Tire Accessories

car tire accessories

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    car tire
  • a tire consisting of a rubber ring around the rim of an automobile wheel

  • An automotive tire which is used exclusively on a passenger car, not a light truck, etc.

Permanon Car Supershine

Permanon Car Supershine

S$39.90 only for 1 year's supply (includes everything in the picture)!

Do you want

1.Water-Free Windscreen during a Heavy Rain! (Proven! Product from Germany and there are customers’ testimonials)

2.Your Car to Shine for 6 months just by pouring water and wipe!

3.A Car Sealant (coating) that can protects your WHOLE CAR which includes windscreen, car body, all 5 windows, 4 tyre rims and even the car seat!

Call 8180 8234 today!

weird car

weird car

i saw this car last week when i was walking around midtown on my lunch break. today it was parked in the same garage as me. i wonder what the occasion is.

car tire accessories

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Cooper Off Road Tires

cooper off road tires

    road tires
  • (Road tire) A bicycle tire that is usually 700C or 27 in. sizes with a non-aggressive tread.

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74 / 365

When I saw this on a new truck in the parking lot at work, I just had to snap a shot. So as I was trying different angles and thinking how good this would look on my Monster Suburban, it dawned on me that we are no different then women at times. Now hear me out before the hate mails gets sent my way.

Most women that I am friends with (including some ex-wives of mine) love to go shopping and love to spend time in jewelry stores. They are attracted by the shiny stuff. Well, we men are no different. Man I saw that red on her and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I wanted these rims. Maybe not to wear around my neck or finger but my trucks would love it. So now I understand a little better so when my girl friend goes crazy in the store looking at the bling, i will be more considerate of her! Well maybe!



There is a tire laying in the pool at present. I suppose someone thought this was the very best place to put it. I couldn't get at it to get it out. It is quite a hike up and out of here for me too. I'll shoot the pool when the tire is out. Canon EOS 40d - EF28-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS USM - Rustic Road #89

cooper off road tires

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National Tire And Batteries - Pro Comp Tires Buy 3 Get 1 Free - Hankook Trailer Tires

National Tire And Batteries

national tire and batteries

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Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

The NASCAR Nextel Cup (stock car racing) pit crews lined up on pit road during the national anthem before the start of the Aaron's 499 at Talladega Superspeedway in April 2007.

The teams are, from left, the FedEx crew of Denny Hamlin, the Cheerios crew of Bobby Labonte, the Kelloggs crew of Kyle Busch, the Target crew of Reed Sorenson, the Best Buy crew of Jeff Green, the Certainteed crew of Joe Nemechek, the Bass Pro Shops crew of Martin Truex, the Kodak crew of Ryan Newman (special paint scheme), the National TIre and Battery team of Kyle Petty, and the Dodge team of Kasey Kahne.

This shot was taken hand-held at a distance of approximately 900 feet (275 meters) with a 35mm equivalent zoom of slightly more than 800mm.

IMG 6352

IMG 6352

I needed a new car battery and went to National Tire and Battery (NTB) in Whitehall. While I waited I took photos around the NTB building.

The sign and entrance to the Whitehall Square Mall, 2180 Mac Arthur Road.

national tire and batteries

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Trailer tire air pressure - Corghi tire balancer - Discount tire company.

Trailer Tire Air Pressure

trailer tire air pressure

    trailer tire
  • A small tire often 12" with a load range B and a capacity rating of 850 lbs

    air pressure
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Tires, Tires, And More Tires (142-365)

Tires, Tires, And More Tires (142-365)

My truck and trailer has a total of eighteen tires. I check them EVERY DAY. I will admit, most days I walk around and thump them with a 'tire thumper' (mine is a few pieces of 1” well pipe threaded together to make a hammer shape). But at least once a week I try to go around and check them all with a tire gauge. I also take a good look at the sidewalls and the tread to see if there are any cuts or punctures, or if there is a nail or screw in it.

Take it from someone that puts 100,000+ miles a year on a set of tires, proper tire inflation makes the tires last longer, and will improve your fuel mileage.

When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your tires?

Canon A-1
Canon 50mm F/1.4 S.S.C.
Polaris Meter
Metered and Shot F/4 @ 1/1000
Ektar 100
Post work with Zoner Photo Studio

Goodyear-ThyssenKrupp-Brian Brandenburg

Goodyear-ThyssenKrupp-Brian Brandenburg

Brian Brandenburg, fleet maintenance manager for ThyssenKrupp Logistics Inc., estimates his company's overall tire expenses have been reduced by 40 percent or more the first several years following changes to his tire-related maintenance procedures. Some of those changes included a tire air pressure check program, specifying low rolling resistance Goodyear tires, including Fuel Max Technology tires for the steer and trailer positions, and utilizing Goodyear's fleetHQ program.

trailer tire air pressure

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Winter Tires Ontario : Car Tires Size

Winter Tires Ontario

winter tires ontario

    winter tires
  • A tire (in American English) or tyre (in British English) is a ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground.

  • (Winter tire) A tire with a deep tread suitable for winter conditions

  • This type of tire is suitable for snow and ice covered roads. The tread pattern features a heavily siped, fine-block design with grooves that are deep and wide, providing excellent driving traction and braking performance on winter road surfaces.

  • A province in eastern Canada, between Hudson Bay and the Great Lakes; pop. 9,914,200; capital, Toronto. It was settled by the French and the English in the 1600s, ceded to Britain in 1763, and became one of the original four provinces in the Dominion of Canada in 1867

  • Lake Ontario: the smallest of the Great Lakes

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  • Ontario is a Province of Canada located in the east-central part of Canada, Ontario is located in the geographic eastern half of Canada, but it has historically and politically been considered to be part of Central Canada (along with Manitoba).

Winter Junk

Winter Junk

Pictures I took on a very snowy Christmas Day in the year 2002, at a friend's place (near Orillia, Ontario)

[colour negative scanned as black & white]

Biking in Amherstview, Ontario in January 2009

Biking in Amherstview, Ontario in January 2009

These guys are fearless when it comes to our cold weather....they must have snow tires, eh???

winter tires ontario

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