Atv wheels tires - Cheap 26 inch rims and tires package.

Atv Wheels Tires

atv wheels tires

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Quading in Hudson's Hope

Quading in Hudson's Hope

The first time I went to Hudson’s Hope to quad I had a blast! There is a wide variety of things to do on a quad. There are also lots of trails to ride. Everything I wanted to do on the quad I could. I have gone to Hudson’s Hope more than once to quad or dirt bike. I like to go in the spring for the mud, and if I get tired of that I can ride some trails and if that gets tiring I can go up to the moraine. This is a big sand dune with lots of hills. Lots of fun to do hill climbs and stunts.

Sometimes the family and I will go to Hudson’s Hope for the day and just do a day ride, we never run out of things to do. In the spring and early summer is a real treat. Along the shore of Williston lake there is a beach that stretches down the shore line for as long as you can see.

One of my favorite times to go to the beach which is called Geddes bay is during May long weekend. During this weekend I bring my dirt bike to Hudson’s Hope. Usually there is a drag stretch which everyone races on. The beach is really close to the moraine too. So last year we raced on the beach for a good chunk of the day then a bunch of us rode the bikes and quads over to the moraine to hit jumps and do some hill climb races.

When it comes to riding in Hudson’s Hope, there’s pretty much everything except for a race track. Out of all the places I have ever went riding Hudson’s Hope has to be one of my favorites.

Framed Mystery

Framed Mystery

ok.....decided to solve the "Mystery".....this is a shot looking out of my front livingroom window during one of our pretty bad snow storms this winter. The window was fogged up and dripping with melting snow,. The image is that of my hubby on our ATV with a snowplow attatched. He was clearing the snow from our driveway, and our neighbor's driveway, and the driveway after that! He also would do the whole block's sidewalk, then halfway around the block on the other side of our house! (we have a corner lot).
Thank goodness we have it, as he'd NEVER be able to shovel just OUR drive and sidewalk, as he has asthma!. Thanks for stopping by!

atv wheels tires

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Car Tire Accessories - Rims And Tires For Mustangs - Big Horn Atv Tires

Car Tire Accessories

car tire accessories

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Permanon Car Supershine

Permanon Car Supershine

S$39.90 only for 1 year's supply (includes everything in the picture)!

Do you want

1.Water-Free Windscreen during a Heavy Rain! (Proven! Product from Germany and there are customers’ testimonials)

2.Your Car to Shine for 6 months just by pouring water and wipe!

3.A Car Sealant (coating) that can protects your WHOLE CAR which includes windscreen, car body, all 5 windows, 4 tyre rims and even the car seat!

Call 8180 8234 today!

weird car

weird car

i saw this car last week when i was walking around midtown on my lunch break. today it was parked in the same garage as me. i wonder what the occasion is.

car tire accessories

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Cheap car tires. Toyo tire size chart. Canadian tire north york

Cheap Car Tires

cheap car tires

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Cheap Meat

Cheap Meat

I went to the local car shop to pickup my ancient Mercedes. My car
just needed a new set of tires and brake pads. While I was waiting to
get my key a man with a UT heat (University of Texas) came in selling
steaks by the box for $150. The women who worked at the car shop was
in quite a pickle. The steaks sure looked tasty, but $150 is a lot of

Loose tyre..

Loose tyre..

[All these pictures have been taken at a so called "Stoppelfeldrennen" (literally: stubble-field-race) in northern Germany (Oldendorf/Luhe). Such races are usually held on fields after harvesting with cheap "junk" cars.. but also with some quite fast special cars (buggies).]

Look at the rear tyre.. trouble ahead!

cheap car tires

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Cooper Off Road Tires

cooper off road tires

    road tires
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74 / 365

When I saw this on a new truck in the parking lot at work, I just had to snap a shot. So as I was trying different angles and thinking how good this would look on my Monster Suburban, it dawned on me that we are no different then women at times. Now hear me out before the hate mails gets sent my way.

Most women that I am friends with (including some ex-wives of mine) love to go shopping and love to spend time in jewelry stores. They are attracted by the shiny stuff. Well, we men are no different. Man I saw that red on her and was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. I wanted these rims. Maybe not to wear around my neck or finger but my trucks would love it. So now I understand a little better so when my girl friend goes crazy in the store looking at the bling, i will be more considerate of her! Well maybe!



There is a tire laying in the pool at present. I suppose someone thought this was the very best place to put it. I couldn't get at it to get it out. It is quite a hike up and out of here for me too. I'll shoot the pool when the tire is out. Canon EOS 40d - EF28-135mm F/3.5-5.6 IS USM - Rustic Road #89

cooper off road tires

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Disney spare tire covers - Tyre speed rating w.

Disney Spare Tire Covers

disney spare tire covers

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beads and boobs (and a bike) - you don't want to see my face. 233:365

beads and boobs (and a bike) - you don't want to see my face.  233:365

Our trip to Disney can be clearly split down the middle. Half was very good, half was pretty bad. We got in on Wednesday, had a nice evening shopping in Downtown Disney. We had dinner at Planet Hollywood. The second day, we headed to breakfast at Cape May Cafe and shared our time with Goofy, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck and Chip.

Our youngest was terrified of the Chip, but I think it is only because he had never seen a cartoon with him in it before. The rest of the characters didn’t scare him. The kids ate, played…as did the adults. ;-) We headed to Magic Kingdom…had a great time. The kids got to meet most of the princesses along with more time with Goofy, Donald and Pluto. Saw fireworks too!

Day three was spent at Hollywood Studios. Another great day. We spent a lot of time swimming at the resort this day as well. Day three started out great. We went fishing in the morning (I have photos to prove that I fished!!). After that we4 headed to a full day at Epcot. It was very very hot, we were all exhausted. We enjoyed as much as we could, taking a lot of breaks.

We had dinner with Chip and Dale, Pluto and Mickey! We got back to the room, and by the time we got back, our youngest was not acting right. Long story short…he suffered from heat stroke…was covered in a heat rash and running 104 temperature.

We were on the phone with his Doctor back home for an hour and we were able to get his temp down. We had to stay up with him most of the night. Sunday morning he was not doing much better…his temp went back up to 104…so we spent the rest of the day in the emergency room. It was a nightmare to say the least.

I will spare the details. Really, everything that could have gone wrong on Sunday and Monday just about did. I will just say I cried and didn’t sleep for two days straight. We are home now. He is resting. We are doing ok. I took him to his doctor this morning, he has a virus and she believes he suffered from heat exhaustion.

So yeah. I’m tired. Photos to follow.

Drag your thoughts away from your troubles... by the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.
~Mark Twain

Day 004/365 Spare Tires.

Day 004/365 Spare Tires.

So today I had to pull out the 4 tires I've had in reserve since my tire went flat. My car has been due for a change of tires especially since I'm going back to Merced soon. That 5 isn't very forgiving on my car haha. These aren't exactly new but they came off a new car and they were free (don't ask, don't tell) so I'm ok with that lol.

Nikon D700
Nikkor 85mm 1.4D
1/400s @ F/1.4 ISO 1000

disney spare tire covers

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