Thule Spare Tire Rack. Sullivan Tire Danville In.

Thule Spare Tire Rack

thule spare tire rack

    spare tire
  • A spare tire is an additional tire (or tyre - see spelling differences) carried in a motor vehicle as a replacement for one that goes flat, a blowout, or other emergency.

  • An extra tire carried in a motor vehicle for emergencies

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  • a town in northwestern Greenland; during World War II a United States naval base was built there

  • An Eskimo culture existing from Alaska to Greenland c. ad 500–1400

  • A settlement on the northwestern coast of Greenland, founded in 1910 by Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen (1879–1933)

  • Thule ( or ; from Greek ?????, Thoule), also spelled Thula, Thila, or Thyilea, is, in classical European literature and maps, a region in the far north. Though often considered to be an island in antiquity, modern interpretations of what was meant with Thule often identify it as Norway.

  • the geographical region believed by ancient geographers to be the northernmost land in the inhabited world

  • A country described by the ancient Greek explorer Pytheas (c.310 bc) as being six days' sail north of Britain, most plausibly identified with Norway. It was regarded by the ancients as the northernmost part of the world

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  • single-foot: go at a rack; "the horses single-footed"



Honda CRV;
Trondheim, Norway;
This CRV looks just like mine, including the Thule roof rack. The only real differences are the lamp warmers up front and the hard shell spare tire cover at the rear. Oh, my son just noticed that it's also missing the black plastic door panel guards.

thule on Rav4

thule on Rav4

I have some concerns about how if sticks out at either side. But I don't intend to take it too far, and I promise to be careful. There aren't too many spare tire racks for the Rav4.

thule spare tire rack

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Trailer tire air pressure - Corghi tire balancer - Discount tire company.

Trailer Tire Air Pressure

trailer tire air pressure

    trailer tire
  • A small tire often 12" with a load range B and a capacity rating of 850 lbs

    air pressure
  • The air around us constantly exerts a pressure of about 400 inches of water. That means that every exposed surface has the equivalent of 400 inches of water pushing on the surface. A vacuum cleaner doesn't actually create a vacuum, but it does lower air pressure inside the vacuum unit.

  • atmospheric pressure: the pressure exerted by the atmosphere

  • The total gas pressure (static plus velocity).

Tires, Tires, And More Tires (142-365)

Tires, Tires, And More Tires (142-365)

My truck and trailer has a total of eighteen tires. I check them EVERY DAY. I will admit, most days I walk around and thump them with a 'tire thumper' (mine is a few pieces of 1” well pipe threaded together to make a hammer shape). But at least once a week I try to go around and check them all with a tire gauge. I also take a good look at the sidewalls and the tread to see if there are any cuts or punctures, or if there is a nail or screw in it.

Take it from someone that puts 100,000+ miles a year on a set of tires, proper tire inflation makes the tires last longer, and will improve your fuel mileage.

When was the last time you checked the air pressure in your tires?

Canon A-1
Canon 50mm F/1.4 S.S.C.
Polaris Meter
Metered and Shot F/4 @ 1/1000
Ektar 100
Post work with Zoner Photo Studio

Goodyear-ThyssenKrupp-Brian Brandenburg

Goodyear-ThyssenKrupp-Brian Brandenburg

Brian Brandenburg, fleet maintenance manager for ThyssenKrupp Logistics Inc., estimates his company's overall tire expenses have been reduced by 40 percent or more the first several years following changes to his tire-related maintenance procedures. Some of those changes included a tire air pressure check program, specifying low rolling resistance Goodyear tires, including Fuel Max Technology tires for the steer and trailer positions, and utilizing Goodyear's fleetHQ program.

trailer tire air pressure

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