Mr Tire Corporate Office

mr tire corporate office

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  • An office is generally a room or other area in which people work, but may also denote a position within an organization with specific duties attached to it (see officer, office-holder, official); the latter is in fact an earlier usage, office as place originally referring to the location of one'

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    mr tire
  • Mr. Tire is the name of several tire dealers in the United States.

Memo from Beverley Randolph, 1962

Memo from Beverley Randolph, 1962

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Memo from Beverley Randolph, Supervisor of Office Services, to the Girls of the Office Services department, March 8, 1962.


I am getting darn tired of nagging you about how you write up your supplies. I have to have employees who will carry out instructions all of the time. . . not just part of the time . . and I dont like carelessness. An honest mistake is all right. . . and you wll make them but when I have to keep nagging you to give a complete description or the material checked out. . . anyone can carry out those instructions.

We have to have employees who are willing and able to carry out instructions. I dont like to nag - and Mr. RAL said I should not do it. . just to get someone who will carry out instructions.

Please, please cooperate - dont let me have to mention this again. The instructions apply to everyone (including myself). . . but it is my duty to see that as few mistakes as possible are made. You have written instructions on all of this. . . . so it should not be necessary for me to have to nag at you constantly

Mr. Tire's incorrect soda

Mr. Tire's incorrect soda

It would seem Mr. Tire is not as jovial as he comes across in his soothing radio ads.

mr tire corporate office

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